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Policy star cares

Karla Daniels FOUNDER & CEO​​Karla Daniels is the Broker & CEO of Policy Star Insurance Services. She founded the company on a foundation of services focused on providing equitable insurance solutions for families, individuals, and businesses within her community.​Prior to entering the world of insurance, Karla was a successful Celebrity Hair Stylist and Salon Owner. Her prior profession allowed her to establish connections with people from all over the world, giving her a deep understanding of individuals and business owners. Karla values the perspectives of her clients and pays close attention to detail to ensure that she provides the best possible solutions. This makes her the perfect partner for navigating the complex world of insurance.​Along with extensive training from some of the leading educators and programs,  Karla has had the pleasure of receiving foundational mentorship from veteran agency/brokerage owners, some have been in the industry for well over 60 years.​She is proud of her motherhood and loves serving, educating, and providing resources to her community.​Karla understands the challenges minority communities face when it comes to insurance inequities and her mission is to break that barrier.

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