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Child care providers are the backbone of our communities!

Without them families are left with economically challenging decisions.
If you are a Child Care Provider. THANK YOU!!

Rather you operate out of your home or a facility,
having insurance is not only necessary but a
REQUIREMENT by the state in which you operate in.

Here are a few coverages you need:
GENERAL LIABILITY - This is the most basic
coverage. This will cover you in the event a visitor
enters your space and slips and falls.

BUSINESS CONTENT - This will protect physical
equipment necessary to operate your business.
ABUSE & MISCONDUCT - If you live in the state of
California, and work with organization such as
Crystal Stairs, this coverage is required. Abuse and
sexual misconduct covers allegations of abuse and
sexual misconduct.

Business Income: this will cover tuition that is unable to be paid in the event you
have to completely shut down.

Other coverages to consider


  • Property (Covers the Physical Building)

  • Workers Comp (not everyone can be considered a independent contractor)

  • Professional Liability

  • Cyber Liability (remember everything is online)

  • Commercial Auto (Please don't take the kids on a field trip in your school van without having these coverages

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