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Salon Owners, Hairstylist, Make up artist and Barbers lead the way in keeping their clients in trend! But do you know the risk that comes with working with people so closely..

One not so fabulous hair cut or color may turn into an unforeseen claim. 

That is way having the right insurance coverages will create a safeguard for you and your business. 

Whether you are a salon owner or work independently. It is important that you are fully covered.


  • General liability – This covers you in the event that someone comes into your property/space and slips and falls.

  • Business contents – This coverage will protect your expensive equipment in the event it is damaged on your premises

  • Cyber liability – This is very important especially in the days of technology. As we accept online payments. Sometimes it can be compromised, leaving not only you but your client’s information at risk. This type of protection will protect your online transactions in the event of a hack. 

  • Professional liability – You have worked so hard to become a licensed cosmetologist, barber or esthetician. In the state of California, you are providing a professional service. Which needs to be protected. This is especially important because this type of coverage will protect your license in the event someone sues you for faulty workmanship. Like a bad haircut, use of the wrong cosmetic chemical, or a bad set of extensions.  These claims may seem frivolous, but they happen all the time. Haven’t you seen small claims court! 

Having the proper insurance coverages not only protect your business but your personal assets in the event of a lawsuit.

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